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Site Survey/Design Meeting: Meet with the interested parties to discuss the functional requirements of the system, budget, level of simplicity, possible approaches to achieve the desired results. Examine the site to determine possible areas of concern.


Design and Engineer Systems: Put the system on paper to determine the necessary equipment, wiring, compatibility issues and rough budget.


Project Costs Estimating: Price out the equipment, labor and materials necessary to install the system. Submit for approval, a written proposal and scope of work that will comprehensibly describe the project and define the budget.


Construction Drawings: Create CAD drawing that will define the infrastructure, such as conduit, J-boxes and electrical outlets that will be provided and installed by other trades or facilities personnel. Issue to architect if necessary, for approval, budget analysis and incorporation into building plans.


Purchase Equipment: Order all equipment and materials necessary to complete the project. Pre-assemble equipment racks for preliminary test and adjustments.


Build Out: The AV contractor will provide on-site support to other trades or contractors that will ensure the desired infrastructure will be appropriate for the design. Install the wiring, connection panels, and equipment that will make up the desired system.


System Test and Adjust: Test the installed system for performance, adjust levels and video optics and confirm that the system is in working order as described in the original proposal.


Client Acceptance and Training: Client walk-through or acceptance testing, provide as-built drawings and training to end-users of the system. The level of training will be determined by the needs of the client.


Maintenance and Customer support: Depending on the system and client’s concerns, the AV contractor may obtain a maintenance contract that could include quarterly equipment maintenance, checking video optics, and training new end-users on the use of the system. Another option is to be on-call for problems if they occur

The industry recognizes these procedures as typical, when engaging an AV systems integrator/contractor.  Only the larger projects will warrant every step in the process described.

We perform these tasks as the project or client requires.